BHI in Continuing
Legal Education

CLE Course: “Big Heart Intelligence in Negotiating, Structuring, Managing, and Resolving Disputes in Collaborative Relationships”— Part I in The Lawyer as an Innovator™ Series

Presented by Julian Gresser, Chairman Alliances for Discovery (

Course Description

  • Introduction. (Estimated time: 7 minutes)
  • Valuing Effective Collaboration: What is at stake? (law partnerships, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and other models)
  • What is Big Heart Intelligence (BHI)?
  • BHI as a state of enhanced vitality, empowerment, joy, perception, compassion, wisdom, balance, and flow
  • BHI, neuroscience, and neuro-cardiology
  • BHI in western jurisprudence (archetypal image of justice as blind, ethics, and Shakespeare)
  • Challenges and Opportunities for the Lawyer as an Innovator

I. Negotiating BHI Collaborations (12 minutes)

  • Seeing the Big Picture and Understanding Risk
  • Missions of service (Understanding the “pain” of the other)
  • Few Needs
  • No Assumptions/No Expectations
  • Embracing the ‘No’
  • Presence is All/Each Moment has Equal Dignity

Practice Module # 1: What do I Really Want?

Practice Module # 2: Going Behind the Mask: Negotiating with Shadow Players (Player Integrity Profiles)

II. Structuring Fourth Sector BHI Collaborations (15 minutes)

  • What is the Fourth Sector?
  • Benefit corporations and other hybrid structures
  • Designing BHI into the DNA of your partnership, strategic alliance, or joint venture
  • Creativity as a collaborative asset
  • Legal aspects on transdisciplinary collaboration and intertidal thinking
  • Collaborative IP—mega patents, patent pools, cross licensing
  • Negative examples of 20th century predatory (small hearted) law “partnerships”—10 frequent errors
  • WHIS as a prototype 21st century BHI Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN)
  • Example: BHI revenue sharing formula

III. Process: Managing BHI Collaborations (10 minutes)

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Building Strategic Trust and Integrity
  • Effective Communication
  • BHI and Collaborative Strategy
  • Healthy Workplaces
  • Maintaining Vitality and Preventing Burnout
  • CSR–Beyond Shared Value
  • BHI Organizational Vitality Quotient

IV. Strategic Alliance Mediation (SAM): Creating Value from Difference and Discord in Global Business (11 minutes)

  • Purpose of SAM
  • Dual role of the SAM
  • How BHI transforms SAM
  • How BHI/SAM can revitalize a strategic alliance
  • Helping the parties develop strategic trust
  • Practice Examples
  • Standard BHI SAM contractual clauses

V. Valuation and Metrics: Why BHI Collaborative Relationships Should Command a Premium (3 minutes)

VI. Final ReviewBHI–A New Frontier for Legal Innovation (2 minutes)


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© Copyright Julian Gresser and Alliances for Discovery, July 2017