WHIS is implementing a bold strategy to stimulate and to finance economic growth for local communities based on a new participatory innovation model for enhancing local community health, vitality, and prosperity. Alliances for Discovery’s Chairman, Julian Gresser, has compiled a body of research documenting the historic importance of specific economically “strategic” technologies, industries, and sectors in catalyzing economic growth in many countries. WHIS’ emphasis on the health and wellness of local communities affords a fertile seed bed for exploring the practical applications of strategic industry analysis and collaborative innovation.

The following are some background papers from a two year research program and a course, “Legal and Policy Issues of Strategic Technologies and Industries” that was cross listed and open to all students at Harvard and MIT during 1982-1984. (See generally Julian Gresser, Partners in Prosperity—Strategic Industries for the U.S. and Japan (McGraw Hill 1985).

How Can BHI Help Guide New Strategic Economic Sectors?

The Trigger Method: Assessing Strategic Industries and Technologies


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